Friday, November 4, 2011

Trying Out This Thing...

If you think I'm deep into social media, my uncle is as deep into it as anyone else. He's into everything I think... Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Tumblr, and now, I was intrigued when he started promoting his site on Facebook and thought it was a great, unique concept. Basically, one chooses the online content he or she is most interested in, adds it to their list, and lets "publish" the content automatically into their very own online "newspaper".

I started my own paper yesterday, and I named it, "The Passion Fruit Juicer". Not much to the name, really. The paper will revolve around, and feature my very diverse interests and passions: the Brigadier General Vicente Lim page, The Old Soul Store, this blog, golf and the NFL. My limited understanding of RSS feeds tells me that with it, you get the latest updates from the websites you follow, squeezing out the stuff you value most --- much like a fruit juicer.

Check out The Passion Fruit Juicer here. Seems like an intriguing experiment. Let's see where this goes! Enjoy!

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